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Dr. Ariful Basher
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  • MBBS

    FCPS (Medicine)

    FCPS (Infection & Tropical Diseases)

  • Consultant, Internal Medicine, Bangladesh Specialized Hospital

Dr. Ariful Basher

Consultant, Internal Medicine, Bangladesh Specialized Hospital
Educational Qualification
  • MBBS, Chittagong Medical College, Chittagong, 2002;
  • Post Diploma in Clinical Epidemiology from Newcastle University, Australia,
  • MPH in Occupation & Environmental Health from NIPSOM, Bangladesh
  • ESCART(HIV) , University  Antwerp, Belgium
  • FCPS (Internal Medicine)
  • FCPS(Infectious Diseases & Tropical Medicine)
  • MD (phase-B, Critical Care)
Research & Publication
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Previous Experience
  • Lecturer, Community Medicine , Enam Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Research Associate, Medicine department, Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Medical Officer, Kharera Family Welfare & Health Complex, Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh
  • Medical Officer in Charge, SK Hospital, Kalibari, Mymensingh sadar, Bangladesh .
  • Registrar, Mymensingh Medical College Hospital, In Charge, SK Hospital(Infectious diseases Mymensingh Bangladesh  
  • Junior Consultant(against the post), Gafargaon Sadar Upazilla Hospital, Mymensing, Banglaedesh   
  • OSD, Director General Health Services (DGHS), Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Special Achievement
  • Working Committee member, National Kala Azar Elimination Programme, DGHS
  • Research fellow in SACTRC(South Asian clinical Toxicology Research Collaboration)
  • Organizing secretary – Poison Information Centre (picbd.org), TSB (Toxicology Society of Bangladesh), BAATM (Bangladesh Association of Advancement in Tropical Medicine) member- Bangladesh Society of Toxicology.
  • International Student Member of SOT (Society of Toxicology) 
  • International Associate, Society of Critical Care Medicine)
  • Member- IEA(International Epidemiology Association), ISID(International society of Infectious Diseases), EMB(Emergency Medicine Bangladesh)
  • Life member- Bangladesh Society of Medicine.
Success Story
  • Thesis and Dissertation:
    • Musculoskeletal Problem Among Agricultural Worker 
    • Event Prior to Commuters Poisoning in Hospitalized cases- A descriptive study
    • Health seeking Behavior of Post kala azar Dermal Leishmaniosis Patient.       
  • Editor:

    • National guideline of snake bite
    • Learners guide of snake bite management
    • Tutors guide of snake bite management
    • Training manual on national guideline of Poisoning
  • Reviewer

    • National & International Journals 
  • Book Chapter

    • Pharmacovigilance on Therapeutic Protocols for Visceral Leishmaniosis, Kala Azar in South Asia,  Jan 2016
    • Plants and Herbal Poisoning in Bangladesh, Clinical Toxicology in Asia Pacific and Africa, pp.609-631