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Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Ltd. (BSHL) was established with a vision to achieve excellence in the field of Health Care and Research. A warm and friendly ambience, high quality medical services and personalized nursing care have been the hallmarks of our hospital.
Our philosophy is to offer the expected level of quality and care at a fair price. As care providers, we have succeeded in enhancing our service standards without overburdening the patients financially. The overall value delivered through prompt access has resulted in a high level of satisfaction amongst our patients.
Our doctors, nurses and other multidisciplinary staff are an integral and vital part of our commitment to deliver exceptional health care services. Their passion to heal and their constant drive toward higher quality outcome are unmatched. They are thoroughly professional, approachable and always ready to extend a personal touch. They bring their excellence to speed up the patient’s recovery and return to normal life with the least amount of stress.
We at BSHL continue to strive for clinical excellence, personalized care and medical services that are responsive to the needs of the society.

Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Chowdhury