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Prof. Dr. Indrajit Prasad
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  • MBBS (DMC)

    FCPS (Medicine)

    MD (Endocrinology-BIRDEM)

    MACE (USA)

  • Professor (Diabetes & Endocrinology), Dhaka Medical College & Hospital

Prof. Dr. Indrajit Prasad

Professor (Diabetes & Endocrinology), Dhaka Medical College & Hospital
  • Trained in Advanced Endocrinology (Singapore)
Research & Publication
  • 16 Publications in NAtional & International Journals
  • Diabetes, Thyroid, Hormone Diseases (Endocrinology)
Previous Experience
  • Working in the field of Endocrinology and Diabetology for 15 years.
Special Achievement
  • For the first time in Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Endocrine Investigation (Inferior Petrosal Sinus Sampling) has be done.
Success Story

Following disorders are included in the subject of Endocrinology: Diabetes and its complications, Thyroid & other Hormone diseases like- Obesity, unwanted hair in female, menstual irregularities,infertility, Short stature(Low height),tall stature, increased breast size in male, Galactorrhoea( breast milk secretion in unmarried female), early or delayed sexual maturity, Menopausal syndrome(hot flush after cessation of menstruation),Blackening of skin(addison's disease), male hypogonadism(Sexual weakness, less beard& mustache), Female hypogonadism,osteoporosis.