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Prof. Brig Gen Dr. Kumrul Hasan

MBBS, MCPS, MMEd, MPhil (Psy), Fellow-Child Psy (Pakistan), FRCP (UK), MACP (USA)

Neuro Psychiatrist, Psychiatry. Brain & Drug Addiction Specialist

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Dr. S M Yasir Arafat

MD, Psychiatry (Gold Medalist), MPH, MBBS (DMC)

Psychiatrist & Suicidologist

The Department of Psychiatry at Bangladesh Specialized Hospital, treats adults and children with mental and behavioral disorders.  It is rich in both clinical and research areas with current focuses on addiction, brain aging, trauma, schizophrenia, and obesity.The department provides innovative psychiatric evaluations, treatment and follow-up care for the spectrum of behavioral, learning and emotional problems.

Among the many conditions that the average psychiatrist encounters in private practice are Personality-maladjustments, Phobias and Morbid fears, Marital troubles, Sexual problems, Mental depression, Alcoholism, Feeling of inferiority and inadequacy, Health complaints that fail to respond to medication, "Nervous breakdowns," and Psychoses.The duration of treatment, just as in physical disturbances, depends upon each individual case. Some conditions respond to relatively short treatment.

Our caring clinical psychologist focuses on solving your most troubling problems with insight and compassion, and without judgement.

Counseling commonly aids in the treatment of:

  • Mood and anxiety disorders
  • Marital and other relational problems
  • Anger problems
  • Substance abuse
  • Child and Adolescent psychological problems
  • Brain trauma

Clients also benefit from Specific Therapies as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Client Centered Approaches, Psycho Analysis, Hypnotherapy, Play Therapy etc.